The controls for access to the congress will be as follows:

  1. Temperature measurement outside the congress facility
  2. Verification of green pass and identity document, using the Verification-C19 app
  3. Participants will receive the Triage Form to fill out and a wristband for the day, so that they can move freely in the congress areas
  4. Now participants can enter the congress building, they will hand in the filled-out Triage Form at the Secretariat Desk and collect their badge and congress kit

Every day the procedure of the first 3 points will be repeated and the presence will be ascertained through the barcode printed on the badge.


Green pass requirements
The Certification attests one of the following conditions:

- the person has been vaccinated against COVID-19 (in Italy it is issued both at the first dose and at the completion of the vaccination cycle)

- the person has tested negative on the rapid molecular or antigen test within the last 48 hours

- the person has recovered from COVID-19 in the past 6 months


COVID RECCOMENDATIONS (source: World Health Organization)

To prevent transmission of COVID-19:

Keep a safe distance from others, even if they do not show symptoms of illness.

Wear the mask in public, especially indoors or when physical distancing cannot be observed.

Prefer when possible open and well-ventilated spaces to closed ones. If you are indoors, open the window.

Sanitize your hands often with soap and water or using a special alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Get the vaccination when it's your turn. Follow the guidelines locally.

Cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow or into a tissue, covering your nose and mouth.

If you don't feel well, stay home. If you have a fever, cough, and breathing difficulties, contact health care. Call before coming to the clinic so that healthcare professionals can refer you to the appropriate healthcare facility. This precaution ensures greater protection for you and helps prevent the spread of viruses and other infections. Mask: when worn correctly, the mask helps to avoid the transmission of the virus from the wearer to others, but on its own it does not protect against COVID-19 and is to be used in conjunction with physical distancing and hand hygiene. Follow the directions provided by the local health authorities.


Download TRIAGE FORM in Italian

Download TRIAGE FORM in English